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About Us

Since 2013 Medical Advice Online LTD provides services for online consultations with worlds best experts.

The company provides solutions in the field of customer communications, enriching companies and individuals with tools for providing better sales.

Our Services

How does it work?

Our online platforms allow users to connect with an expert online. They can choose between various communication channels: video live chat, text chat or email reading.

Our Tools

Video live chat

Video live chat tool enables mutual meetings in convenient time and place. It allows the user for visual and verbal communication, file transfer, recording the meeting or sending text messages. It works directly in a browser. We offer 2 types of chats: group chat or individual chat.


Calendar has 2 viewing options – a monthly view and a weekly view. It allows the expert to manage their availability, and the user to set an appointment at the most convenient time. Calendar is synchronized with the time zone set on one’s device.

2 types of profiles

We offer 2 types of profiles: an expert profile and a user profile. By default the user’s profile is always hidden. An Expert profile is always public and is fully editable. Expert can upload their picture, add descriptions and choose category tags which help users navigate the website.

Internal messages

An online, internal messenger has been created in order to ensure better communication between users and experts, or administration team, if needed.

Paid email contact

Paid email contact can be synchronized with a PayPal account. Clients are notified about a new message (question or answer) by email.

Internal admin panel

Administrator can see all the users’ and experts’ profiles, preview them before the final activation. Administrator can also see movement and payment flow on the website.

Our Team

We are young entrepreneurs. We’re world-curious and open-minded. We believe in IT, Internet and small improvements that can make everyone’s lives easier. We’re in love with telemedicine, Internet solutions and great startups, as we believe they have the potential to grow into the successful companies of the future.

Marta Sroka

Product Owner

Marta Sroka


Marta Sroka

New Business Development

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Director of Sales

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